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0404 managed to get acquire a copy of the Light Rail’s platform’s video that shows the run-over happening, which we are presenting to you.

Eight people were injured when a car drive over a group of people waiting for the Jerusalem Light Rail near Ammunition Hill.


The driver was subsequently shot by police as he tried to escape on foot.


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  1. Can you believe that we finally have a Jewish state after 2000 years, and the pathetic, dysfunctional Israeli politicians who are responsible for running the country, allow the enemies of the Jewish people to terrorize us and murder our babies.

    This monster's house must be blown up and everyone related to him must be thrown out of the country. And of course, the monster himself should get the death penalty as the Torah teaches us!!!

  2. This is a crime of opportunity. The driver was probably angry (or frustrated) and decided it was his chance for martyrdom. Make no mistake, this was a deliberate act, no matter how much his mother claims he was a "good boy."

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