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President Rivlin with President Obama as he lights the Hanukkah Menorah, two days before speaking to Jewish leaders in New York.

President Reuven Rivlin embraced the Reform and Conservative movements in a speech to the New York UJA-Federation on Friday during his visit to the United States.

Rivlin, like his predecessor Shimon Peres, is a full-fledged secular Israeli and is silently uncomfortable with the authority of the Orthodox Rabbinate in Israel.


Two days after lighting the Hanukkah Menorah at the White House, Rivlin stated at the meeting, which included Orthodox Jewish leaders:

It is important for the State of Israel to show full respect and sensitivity to all American Jews. It is important that we remember, not only on Hanukkah that we are all one family.”

All communities represented here today share the love of Israel and a deep commitment to the future of the Jewish people and to the positive image of the State of Israel.

We must never forget that even the major differences between us are an honest expression of concern shared by all of us, whether we are Orthodox, Reform or Conservative.

No one questions his generalities, but when it comes down to specifics, Orthodox Judaism inherently cannot accept American “Jews” who are converted under non-Orthodox rabbis who do not accept traditional Jewish law.

It could be compared with the idea that the American Medical Association would accept alternative medical practitioners as “doctors” even though they have not studied in recognized medical schools.

President Rivlin tried to reach out to the common interests of all Jews, such as the nearly universal Jewish celebration of Hanukkah and the solidarity for victims of terror “in Israel and all over the world.”

Conservative Jewish Rabbi Steven Wernick complained that we “can’t do marriage, can’t do divorces [and] can’t do conversions” in Israel.

President Rivlin did not dip into the dangerous political waters of explicitly promoting the Reform and Conservative agenda for “equality in Israel, but he made it a point to call Wernick a “rav,” Hebrew for rabbi.



  1. Rivlin, who is in the US is to take part in the conference together with "Breaking the Silence," a radical leftist group that frequently publishes false testimony against the IDF, sponsered by Haaretz. This is the crap Israel has as President? Every Jew in NY should block this Peres wannabe from entering the building.

  2. The reform and conservative ARE part of the jewish family no matter how much you hate them. Maybe when you stop hating each other the messiah will come. How do you blame any proud jewish reform or conservative for not being observant when they were not brought up that way and don't usually even know what it is?

  3. Oh well he is just a figure head supposedly but like his predecessor Shimon he is not aware of the fact so maybe Bibi should follow Erdogan and change the constitution. The leaders of Israel can only represent the Israeli electorate and Shalom Be' bait trumps the concerns of non-obersvant Diaspora Jews.

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