Photo Credit: Flash90
UN trucks running away from the Syrian-Israel border at the end of August 2014.

UN troops guarding the border between Israel and Syria were caught on camera today fleeing their posts and running away into Israel with their armored vehicles, after it became too dangerous for them to actually guard the border.

The Rebel forces of the Jubhat al Nusra faction took over an area along the border with Israel, on the Golan Heights, after fighting with Syrian troops.


Some of the UNDOF forces were captured by the Syrian rebels.

Next time someone suggests embedding international troops to protect Israel from our enemies – just think of this picture.

UPDATE: Filipino forces have not laid down their weapons, and are still defending 2 UN positions, which is a credit to the Filipinos soldiers, and not the UN.

Here are some of the Syrian rebels:


And here we see IDF troops still at their posts along the Syrian border.

IDF tank protecting Israel along the Syrian border.


  1. Why should anyone expect them to fight for a countries that are not theirs or for the principles of the United Nations. They probably signed up to be observers. I do not think they are cowards. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. At least they knew where to run to.

  2. United Nations did the same during the war in Former Yugoslavia, particularly Bosnia, when violent resistance from BOTH Serbs and Bosnians erupted into atrocities committed by both sides….the UN fled like a whipped dog. In cases like Bosnia and Herzegovina, they are in place as, quite I.."A peacekeeping force, not equipped to fight ___Insert country here____'s war". They also stood by in Somalia and at least a dozen more conflicts. I'm not saying the UN should wage war against the rebel groups, Bosnians or Somali warlords, however if the UN is in place to be a deterrent, or to prevent the civilian populous from being decimated-the threat against those they're supposed to be protecting will be more likely to be "deterred"if the UN didn't tuck tail and run every time things got scary. So in a way, yes they are observers, which makes them no better than the Wahabbi rebel decapitating children in Iraq and Syria.

  3. NO!! This makes no sense……the UN is constantly condemning Israel for her treachery….IF this is so and the UN believes it, why then would the UN troops run from their posts, as in, DESERT THEIR POSTS, and RUN INTO ISRAEL? My gosh they got their directions all wrong…they should be running into Syria where they are part of the family….good friends….always welcome…also hate Israel as much as the UN…something must be wrong here.

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