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A scene in Boro Park on a Shabbos.

( Shortly before Shabbat it was reported that one of the Satmar dynasty’s major supporters, billionaire Rabbi Yeshaya Wolf Lev, passed away at 88, after a long period of feeling very weak.

Lev served as head of the Satmar community in London and was one of the biggest supporters of Satmar institutions around the world and in London. The Satmar Rebbe stayed with Lev on his visits to London over the years.


The deceased was one of the richest Satmar Chasidism, his value estimated at $2.3 billion. “He spread his wealth to the poor with kindness,” a source in Satmar told Kikar HaShabbat. The source added that Lev gained his reputation in the movement “when he took upon himself the construction of the Satmar institutions in London and paid out of his pocket their monthly operation costs. He also built the Talmud Torah school in the city and paid for everything, from purchasing the land to construction and to buying the furniture.”



  1. The Satmars have a very long history of being hostile to fellow Jews. In England they publically burn a huge star of David inviting the press to witness. It was moneyed by the lateSatmar billonaire. Pre WWII the Satmars over ran the Spinka Kehilla phyiscally chopping off half the beard of the Spinka rebbe,putting nails and frogs in the spinka ladies mikvah and eventually evicted the spinkah kehilla

  2. Inthe USA the Satmars beat up the Klauzenberg chasidim who had to run for the lives to form a new Kehila in New Jersey. The Satmars blew up matzoh factories they felt were in competiton with the. They beat up Lubavitch chasidim so the late Lubavitch Av Besi Din Rav Dworkin pu into cherem all Satmar hechsared products.

  3. The Satmars had two shechtas. One inetrnally the other for others! A prominent Satmar shochet complained about irregulaities and was threatened with barring his kids from Satmar schools. He then had to ran from Willamsburg to Boro Parkr the his life threanted he ran for his life to Israel. He is known today as the Heilmenaer rebbe Rabbi Gross. The Stamars were passing as Kosher meat to the outside of their community that were treif(Chalev meDoraso-orbidden fate). After six months of no one buying it, they send thugs threating butchers to take their meat back again.

  4. The satmars make common cause with Arab terrorists as the PLO:, Hamas etc., as marching with them against Israel in New York and Washington DC among other world cities.They burn Israeli flags and put ads in general newspapers as in the New York Times against Israel and put ads pro Arab!Their kosher stamp is CRC that is to be boycotted, not however the Triangle with the letters CRC that is non-Satmar from Chicago. CHOL HAMINIM KRAHGAH YOVAYDUE(May all heretical sects be no more)!

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