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Arab protesters throw stones during clashes with Israeli security in the West bank town of Hebron.

Gilad Erdan (Likud), who was recently appointed as Israel’s Interior Minister to replace Gidon Sa’ar, instructed his office to examine the possibility of revoking the residency status from families of terrorists who support the terrorist’s actions and call for the destruction of Israel.

PM Netanyahu is proposing a bill to cancel national insurance benefits and residency status from terrorists and their families.


Many of Jerusalem’s Arab residents choose to forgo Israeli citizenship, and only maintain Jerusalem residency status, which provides them full civil rights except for voting in national elections.

MK Danny Danon wants to cancel child stipends from parents of children caught throwing stones.



  1. I do not favor sanctions that affect anyone except the terrorist himself or herself without a trial to determine involvement of the family in their activities. Some Arab families WILL be involved but many are not. It's not just to "convict" anyone without a trial and evidence, terrorists included. Doing so makes the Jewish community look very bad.

  2. Focusing on terrorist families is the way to end these acts or terrorism. Destroying homes,cancellation of stipends of children who throw stones, building of new homes and other measures will help prevent attacks on Israelis citizens. The most efficient way to rid these terrorist actions is to detain and arrest the leadership of the PLO-Hamas government.

  3. What deny social benefits and status to persons that are sworn to murder the innocents namely unarmed women and children. What is the weight and what is the measure? If they are proven terrorist they need to be eradicated like the cancer they are. If not the host that harbors the parasite will weaken and eventually die itself!!!

  4. You have a Western idea that Arabs will laugh at. When they do their terrorist thing, they want to die. They are ready to die because there will be nobody to punsh. So, the only way out is to punish the family. The terrorists don't care. They want to make Israel look bad, and that their punishment is martyrdom. They can not be allowed the last word on this matter.

  5. Geniuses! God save us.
    More comprehensive, which isn't saying much, are Carolin Glick's ideas to which I'd add one.
    Hers are:
    "The Knesset should pass a law permitting Israeli terror victims to sue the PA for actual and punitive damages in Israel courts. The sums awarded to the victims should be taken from the tax revenues Israel collects for the PA. The law should apply retroactively to all victims of Palestinian terror carried out since the establishment of the PA in May 1994. Not only should the law permit Israeli terror victims to sue the PA. It should dictate actions the Justice Ministry must take to assist them in bringing suit.
    Israel should also revoke citizenship and residency rights not only from terrorists themselves, but from those who enjoy citizenship and residency rights by dint of their relationship with the terrorists.
    Wives who received Israeli residency or citizenship rights though marriage to terrorists should have their rights revoked, as should the children of the terrorists."
    To these I'd add that Israel should take possession of homes of terrorists' families. Once they round up a group of rock throwing Molotov
    Cocktail throwing terrorists, they identify their homes & take them. Once a cluster can safely be inhabited by human Israelis, they cordon off the area & move human families into the cluster of terrorist maggot homes.

  6. to the families of terrorists, they should choose between moving into the white house, or Buckingham palace or be convicted of raising terrorists and either imprisoned or hung. their families should not become a burden to the Jewish State of Israel. Jews know the routine of expulsion so using our education, do it to them before it is done unto us again.

  7. They must enforce all of the above ideas, INCLUDING ALL LEADERS AND MK'S WHO PROPOSE AND INCITE CIVIL VIOLENCE, regardless of how "famous" they are to the mesmerized, placatory, Western World. ISRAEL, DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND LOOK TO G-D. The World will condemn anyway, as they did with Tsuk Eitan – an operation fought reluctantly; though with courage, to protect the citizens of Israel from TERROR TUNNELS, ROCKETS RAINING DOWN, and after huge provocation with the kidnapping and murder of innocent lives. Whatever Israel does will be condemned. So look to G-d and do what is RIGHT AND JUST. Those who live within and state and advocate violence toward peace-loving residents of the State do not deserve to live within the boundaries of the State.

    The Western World will wake up when it is too late… when they have their own "Gaza's" within their states, which many already do. The World has Iranian atomic bombs hanging over its head already from Korea, and shortly from Iran because it is so "politically correct." It is a form of mesmerization. It is all madness.

  8. Parents should be penalised for bringing up their children into terrorist acts. We in the Netherlands have problems with moroccans youths, especially in Amsterdam and the parents are cut in their Benefit allowances. I would prefer to send the muslims back to morocca

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