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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, the singing, dancing, acting phenomenon who has been in the spotlight longer than Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, announced plans at the top of this month that she will perform in Tel Aviv. Lopez, widely known as J Lo, is slated to appear in Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park sometime this summer.

As soon as J Lo’s plans became public, the attacks began.


The attacks are on Twitter and virtually all anonymous. But those hate tweets add up, and sometimes performers cave, rather than endure the hostility. Just imagine what will happen if that odious BDS poster boy Roger Waters gets involved – he was instrumental in dissuading Stevie Wonder from performing at a Friends of the IDF event.

The current attack weapon being used against Lopez is “#CancelTelAviv, and the haters include pictures of injured children in Gaza. Those hashtag warriors – so brave when it takes nothing to spread hatred and lies with the click on a keyboard – may have an impact, but not if people who care about the truth fight back.

That’s why people who know Israel is the lone true democracy in the Middle East, who know that Israel, unlike its neighbors, has citizens with equal rights across the spectrum, for Jews, Christians and Muslims, and for black, white, yellow, brown and red Israelis, should respond.

At Secret Tel Aviv, you can express interest in, or reserve tickets, for J Lo’s concert in Tel Aviv.

And tell Jennifer Lopez what she needs to know. Let’s see what it looks like when truth tellers start tweeting.

Here are some suggestions, but don’t forget to include her twitter handle, @JLo:


#JLoBronx2TA (Lopez was born in the Bronx, to parents who were born in Puerto Rico.)

#Q’VivaJLoTelAviva (Q’Viva was the name of J Lo’s 2012 concerts.)





#ShadesofJLoinIsrael (Shades of Blue is a current television series in which Lopez stars.)


Surely readers can be more creative than a mere journalist, especially one who used to practice law: let’s see what you can offer.


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  1. J-Lo is the HARDEST WORKING WOMAN in AMERICA…she knows what CAPITALISM IS, she knows what FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is… she so belongs to the Exciting CAPITALIST and FREEDOM-loving land of ISRAEL. You Go (there) GIRL!!

  2. Why should we disrepect Hashem and encourage the Sitra Achra to perform shows in Eretz Yisrael ? I hope Such unholiness will never defile the Eretz Hakodesh .

    And the Lovers of Hashem the שומרי תורה והמצוות
    should not be involved in promoting this.

  3. Dear Ms. Lopez,

    As I know a little bit about you, you will not allow anyone to dictate where and when you will perform. Your life is your own. An artist like you is an example of what it takes to rise to the top and to stay there. It took hard work and unstoppable dedication. Success does not come freely. There is a price to pay. In that respect, you have a lot in common with the State of Israel.

    Enemies will try to destroy Israel and will use the cheapest tricks known to man, by manupulating people's emotions with graphic and verbal expliotation of a situation that is more controvercial than meets the eye. The bottom line is that the manipulator is the jealous, envy-ridden tyrant that dictates to others what to do.

    Your performance in Israel will demonstrate that peace and harmony come not from manipulation, but from a true desire for co-existance for mankind. Use your stage in Tel Aviv to send a message of love and peace for all humanity.

    We look forward to swelcoming you to Israel.

    Kindest regards,
    Michelle Cohen

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