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Tzitzit, a garment worn by religious Jews drying on a clothing line.

It was a “two-fer” on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem on Sunday.

Israel Police arrested a Jewish boy for wearing his tzitzit (tallit katan) as commanded in the Torah, and a Jewish man for singing into the ear of a Jewish groom ahead of his nuptials a few hours later.


No one arrested anyone for subsequenly attacking an Israeli police officer, who suffered an injured leg.

Members of the Islamic Waqf on the Temple Mount complained to the Israeli police about the Jewish boy who was walking on the Temple Mount wearing his Tzitzit, according to other Jewish visitors on the Jewish holy site.

The Muslim security officers complained that the boy’s Tzitzit were a “Jewish symbol” — in violation of the regulations that state one must not wear obvious religious symbols into the site — and the Islamic Waqf officer warned a “disruption” would ignite because of the boy’s Jewish garment.

Tzitzit are the four-cornered fringed garment that all Jewish men and boys are enjoined in the Torah to wear. The commandment is repeated in the third paragraph of the Shema prayer, the single most important prayer in Judaism save for the Kaddish, which is recited for the departed.

The police arrested the Jewish minor and took him to the police station.

But by the time they reached the entrance to the police station, the police apparently realized they had no cause to arrest the boy and he was unconditionally released.

The boy is a resident of Beit El.

A short time later, a 35-year-old Jewish man was arrested at the Temple Mount as well.

According to the police, the man was walking with a groom on the Temple Mount, while quietly singing to into his ear the popular Jewish wedding song, “Od Yishama” — a song which is often sung when accompanying a groom on his wedding day.

This man, celebrating the imminent nuptials of his friend, was also taken into custody. The Honenu civil rights NGO has issued a statement saying its legal counsel has gone to the police precinct in an attempt to secure his release in time for him to attend the wedding of his friend.

Following that incident an Israeli police officer was attacked by Arabs at the site. He was slightly injured when the Arabs hurled a wooden beam at him, hitting his leg.

There are no reports of anyone having been arrested, however, for attacking the Israeli police officer.


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  1. The jews that support the obamiran surrender agreement should be publically denounced as allies of the islamo- beasts seeking the destructon of the jewish people and their homeland israel. This jewish scum includes hollywood jews, j street, jewish elected officials, and clergy. This is why the world hates jews because they are attacked and cower instead of fighting back. Now that we have a jewish homeland that has one of the best armies in world history the comfortable diaspora jews throw them under the bus. All we can say to these yemach shemos is “whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

  2. Is this how we achieve peace between the 2 nations that claim Israel? For surely, the Elohim of Avraham, Isaac, and Jacob shall reveal Himself and tear down the pagan temple that shall not remain standing on the Holy Land of Jerusalem!

  3. This morning, the Jewish clothing issue also including a 13 year old who had to wear his t-shirt inside out because it has Hebrew lettering. At the same time, nuns were Vietnam were allowed to ascend in their black habits with white collar. They did have to remove their crosses.

  4. They gave the Arabs the right to the mount but not to "rule" it. It is still ruled by Israel or the Israeli police would not even be there. This was done by Moshe Dyan after they took all of Jerusalem in the war. And there is a differnce in Musliim and Arab control. But of course it was because of the two mosques.

  5. I don't want to read another moronic self defeating
    article. Hey let's take away the Torahs from the
    Kotel. It no doubt bothers the stone throwing
    Murders. Oops not PC. I best put in my tziitzts
    And go hide under the bed in Poland I mean
    Jerusalem v v v sick.

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