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Victim's blood on car from terror attack.

Four people were wounded in a late-night terror attack Monday off Highway 60 near the Jewish community of Shvut Rachel, located east of Shiloh in the Binyamin region, about 45 kilometers north of Jerusalem.

All four are residents of the Binyamin region and range in age from 20 to 27 years old. Local sources told the passengers were able to return fire in the midst of the attack despite their wounds.


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The victims were shot multiple times, their car door riddled with bullet holes. A medivac helicopter was dispatched to the scene, where they were first treated by emergency response personnel. Two were rushed to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center and are now reported in stable condition with moderate wounds; two were taken to Sheba Hospital at Tel Hashomer Medical Center in Ramat Gan.

The attackers reportedly drove by their victims and opened fire as they passed them on the road in the Binyamin region, east of Shiloh. Seven or more shots were fired at the rental car in which the victims were driving northbound at the time.

The IDF has launched a search in the area for the attackers.

An outraged Acting Shomron (Samaria) Regional Council head, Yossi Dagan, pointed to a steadily escalating increase in “serious terror attacks” in a statement to media following the shooting.

“[These include] the stabbing of the soldier this morning at Rachel’s Tomb, the shooting on the MDA ambulance on Highway 60 over the weekend, Molotov cocktail being thrown at buses, and the cold-blooded murder of Danny Gonen near Dolev,” he said.

“We must stop this phenomenon before things deteriorate further. We will not allow terrorists to harm our citizens and we demand the Israeli government to allow the IDF to act without mercy against those savages who are turning civilians into targets,” he demanded.

“The term ‘trickle’ with regards to terrorism is a lie. We are not willing to get used to this situation in Judea and Samaria as it happens, and has been happening for years with the rocket fire in the south,” he added.


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  1. "Whatever you tolerate, is what you will have." Israel needs to drive
    these Canaanites out of the land…. again. This is what we get when our ancestors asked for a King; they wanted to be like all the other nations.
    Here's the way the end game should go: Ask all the Arabs to sign a document which affirms that Israel is the Property of YHVH and it has been given in Covenant to the people of Abraham Isaac and Jabob. If the Arabs desire to live peacefully among us under the authority of YHVH, THEY ARE WELCOME TO REMAIN. If they refuse to sign the document, they are going to be forced to leave Israel permanently.

  2. Kill them when they are found. No arrests. They have been taught they need only wait for the next round of "peace talks" when their release will be negotiated (demanded). In the meantime, they will receive a "salary" paid by the US taxpayers which supports their families in luxury. Kill them. Do not arrest them. Change the game or you will always lose this one.

  3. I agree. The nations already hate us, so we should stop trying to make them like us. None of our efforts to be liked so far have made any positive difference, so they should stop and we should do what we need to do. I expect that if we show real, unapologetic strength, some of the nations will start to respect us, even if they don't like us.

  4. It may be time to clean the country, the world of these evil, envious, jealous, ignorant, and highly despicable goofies.. But the world says: "It´s nice!". Still, there will come the time when, under pain, the same world will recognize their true nature and will have no other choice but to push them altogether with their book out into the Nothing where they come from, forever and ever May this soon come true!

  5. we never did anything in return to the pogrommiung cossacks, other then leave the Ukraina for Israel.
    That is what those similar savages want to achieve, meanwhile their lives are so miserable that they beg to be allowed to leave. the world of Islam.

  6. Pls check the location: If I'm correct, this isnt just 'east of Shiloh'; it's on a large main highway, an artery for Jews and Arabs – and most important to emphasize, it's two minutes down the road from the Israeli CITY of Ariel. I know you get things right, and hope you will adjust the article so that your many readers can share information that gives the right impression and emphasizes this is not some side road (not that it would justify, but impressions are something in this battle). thank you.

  7. “We are tired of hearing anything from anyone associated with the U.N. The U.N. is a parasitic and criminal enterprise dominated by our mortal enemies. The U.N. cannot create states, it can only recommend and so can other nations only recommend and not create a state that never existed before in history.” Israel was reinstituted in its historical land and other Arab State were legally assigned their territory under International treaties and laws agreed to by the Allied powers after WW1 after the Ottoman Empire ceded its ownership to the Allied powers.

    There is nothing to negotiate or talk about. Any Arab-Palestinian that does not want to live under Israel's government and obey the laws must transfer to Jordan or to the 75,000 sq, miles, the land the Arab countries confiscated from the million persecuted and expelled jewish families. Negotiations are over, there is nothing to negotiate, the Arabs who live in Israel must comply and adhere to the laws of Israel or leave the country permanently.

    Judea and Samaria is Jewish territory – No annexation is required for Greater Israel territory..
    Let me pose an interesting scenario. If you had a country and it was conquered by foreign powers over a period of time. After many years you have taken back you country and land in various defensive wars. Do you have to officially annex those territories. It was always your territory and by retaking control and possession of your territory it is again your original property and there is no need to annex it. The title to your property is valid today as it was many years before.
    Annexation only applies when you are taking over territory that was never yours to begin with, just like some European countries annexed territories of other countries.
    YJ Draiman

  8. This type of terror will continue to exist as long as Israel does not take a firmer stance as I commented on many terrorist reports, the terrorist shot and their bodies along with their immediate and extended families need to be deported and their homes demolished, ZERO TOLERANCE!!!!

  9. every Jewish Israeli must carry firearms and be trained to use them for a kill shot every time. take no prisoners. no wounded terrorists. none transported to hospitals. and no release for hunger strikers just let them die. Israel released a terrorist just the other day who went on a hunger strike. hearing of the release enabled this terrorist attack. find them and kill them. on the spot. deport the families. demolish the houses.

  10. The location is indeed a weensy narrow side road which I frequently take from my house to Kvish haBika'a. It winds through large olive groves and vinyards, has no lights and there are parts that are not wide enough for two lanes of traffic so you have to pull over to let cars go by but infrequently are there any. Turning the other cheek is rediculous. That only sometimes works with humans…not these animals. The problem is not territorial or political. This is a religious war. Islam is a dark Satanic religion founded by the emmisary of darkness, the "profit" pedophyle, rapist and sadistic muderer Mohamed. All who follow him, from the extremist down to the simple rank and file so called moderate Muslim is the handiwork of the forces of darkness and unfortunately need to be disposed of like you would of any vermin. The kindest way is to put them all on some island somewhere and I'm sure other ideas might come to mind. They are incapable of making peace. There's an Arabic expression which says you can not give what you do not have. Thay have no peace among themselves and tbey don't have it to give to others.

  11. Arm every Jewish Israeli and shoot terrorists dead on the spot. Tzahal, put them on their knees and one round to the back of the head. A terrorist can never be 'rehabilitated.' When these sacks of pig offal are caught, go immediately to their families' houses; give them fifteen minutes to collect what they want, drive them to the nearest border and expel them. Strip them of their Israeli citizenship and put them on a 'do not enter' list.

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