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As we’re thinking ahead and making our New Year resolutions, here are 5 easy ways to help the Zionist pioneering citizens formerly of Gush Katif rebuild their lives destroyed in the 2005 Disengagement Plan.

1. Buy orange. Help the Gush Katif expellees by purchasing quality products from Gush Katif: insect-free produce, organic pomegranate wine, olive oil, beautiful artwork and jewelry, books, puzzles and games. The Gush Katif expellees’ population has a higher unemployment rate than the average in Israel, and this is a great way of encouraging those who’ve returned to the work force and opened small businesses.


2. Visit the Katif Heritage Center in Nitzan. This Center tells the history of Gush Katif – its growth, destruction, and building anew. Thanks to technology, one truly travels back in time: once again joining hands in the Israeli chain and experiencing the struggles that Gush Katif residents faced. Feel their pain as the soldiers stream through the community gates and uproot them from their homes. A visit to the Katif Visitor Center shows our spirit and resiliency.

3. Gift a tax-deductable donation. Your generous donations allow us, the Gush Katif Committee, to promote vital Gush Katif projects for the new communities. These include helping needy families, rebuilding vital community structures such as synagogues and youth centers, and providing the synagogues with all their necessary furnishings.

4. Tell your family and friends. Gush Katif is relevant! Operation Protective Edge and its aftermath have made it increasingly clear that we must keep the words ‘Gush Katif’ on our lips to prevent any politician from considering further withdrawals. Remember Gush Katif –may we merit to return.

5. Tour the new Gush Katif communities. Visiting Israel? Living in Israel and looking for a fun family tour? Hire a licensed Gush Katif, private tour guide! Whether you’re headed north, south, or center, there’s a friendly new Gush Katif community waiting to be explored!

May we all be inscribed and sealed in the book of life for a healthy and happy New Year.


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Shifra Shomron is the author of “Grains Of Sand: The Fall Of Neve Dekalim” (2007, Mazo Publishers), available at