The United States has agreed to release its promised foreign aid funds to Egypt, frozen since former President Mohammed Morsi was ousted a year ago. Secretary of State John Kerry made the announcement during a visit to Cairo two weeks after President-elect Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was sworn into office following May elections.

El-Sisi, who served as defense minister and field marshal prior to his election, has been cracking down on the Muslim Brotherhood — which backed Morsi’s candidacy and which took over the government once he was in office — and terrorism in the Sinai Peninsula.


Officials at the State Department said the mostly military aid, totaling some $1.5 billion, will be used to pay existing defense contracts. Kerry also promised to send 10 Apache attack helicopters, which el-Sisi’s forces will use against terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula.

“The Apaches will come, and they will come very, very soon,” Kerry promised at a joint news conference Sunday in Cairo.



  1. Wow Kerry is releasing money to Egypt which he should have done a long time ago. Russia and China have stepped in to help Egypt will this money go to either one of them? We are the most 2 sided country and a very bad ally . No country at the present time can trust us. The American people cannot trust our lying government

  2. Egypt is not a friend of the US. They are a military dictatorship once again. Why the US keeps dumping billions on them is comical. Giving them military funding and equipment only gives them the ability to challenge Israel at some future date. The US loves to dump military billions in anti- United States countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia. WHAT FOOLS!

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