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( Residents in Kiryat Sefer, the ultra-Orthodox section of Modiin, have been complaining that in recent months many wild boar come into the city raid its streets, posing a serious threat to the population, Kikar Hashabbat reports. According to these residents, the wild boar come mostly at night, frequent and mostly the neighborhood of Green Park. One resident told the website: “So far it hasn’t bothered me so much, because the pigs usually come late at night, but last Sukkot they prowled among the booths and it was really dangerous. ”

Another resident said, “In previous years, the boar would only come up to the entrance to neighborhoods, but would not stroll around inside. Now, those pigs roam freely, and we know of no action the municipality is taking to eradicate this problem.”


Kikar Hashabbat received documentation of wild boar roaming the streets unhindered, among the Sukkah booths and in synagogue entrances. According to the residents, “this phenomenon is very dangerous, even for adults, but especially for children and adolescents. These pigs are aggressive at times and meeting them may result in serious injury or even death. It is a real threat to life.”

It should be noted that so far there has no attack on residents by wild pigs, but residents have been saying that if the city does not do something about it, it is only a matter of time before such an incident will occur.

The municipality said in response statement: “Since this is a protected animal, it is under the care and responsibility of the Parks and Nature Authority alone. Every complaint received by the municipal hub regarding this issue is immediately transmitted to the Parks and Nature Authority. Recently, Authority officials conducted many, intensive, nightly hunts, evidenced by the decline in calls to the hub. The requests residents to keep calling and to update the municipal hub on every case of roaming wild boar.”



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