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( In 2011 and 2012, according to a Wall Street Journal revelation Wednesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama were in sharp conflict over what to do about Iran’s emerging nuclear program. Netanyahu was preparing to take a page out of his predecessor, Menachem Begin’s play book on the Iraqi nuclear plant–although striking in Iran would have been far more formidable–while Obama was engaged in secret talks with the Iranians, and by secret we mean without letting Israel know.


According to the WSJ report, the White House was petrified that Netanyahu would blitz Iran without alerting the Americans, thus bringing down the house on the negotiations that were still at their most tender phase. And so US spy agencies enhanced their surveillance of Israeli political targets, for which they had approval from congressional intelligence committees.

After a few years of this, the NSA was fairly certain there was not going to be a repeat of the 1981 Operation Opera, that took out the Osirak reactor in Iraq. Except that by then the American Administration had a new reason to keep tapping Bibi: they wanted to make sure Israel was not aware of the secret talks with the Iranians, because if those became known to the Israelis, they would have sounded the alarm and the fragile negotiations could go bust. So they kept on tapping.

According to the WSJ report, after the Edward Snowden scandal had erupted and it turned out the NSA was tapping all of America’s friends, including heads of state, when President Obama promised to behave better and stop tapping everyone, that’s not what he really meant. The NSA hadn’t spent decades bugging phone and Internet networks around the world to just cut them off all of a sudden. How would they spy on everyone in the future if they needed to? So, instead, they just stopped eavesdropping. The taps stayed in place, but silent.

Except for one particular trouble spot, right around wherever Bibi happened to be at the moment. Apparently, not tapping our friendliest nation, Israel, didn’t enter anyone’s mind over at the NSA. “Going dark on Bibi? Of course we wouldn’t do that,” a senior US official told the WSJ.

And so, the NSA was certain last year that Israel was spying on the Iran negotiations in Europe, and by late 2014 they knew Mr. Netanyahu wanted to block the nuclear deal but didn’t have a strategy yet. On January 8 this year, the strategy was hatched by then Republican House Speaker John Boehner and the new Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: they invited Netanyahu to deliver a speech to a joint session of Congress. They contacted Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer, who told Bibi, who grabbed the offer.

At which point, the NSA started yet another one of their famous walks on legal thin ice, because, according to US law, there’s a huge difference between tapping foreigners, even very friendly ones, like Netanyahu, and tapping US elected officials without their knowledge. If you’re going to tap Speaker Boehner chatting with PM Netanyahu, you must disclose this to the appropriate Congressional committees. Also, an NSA directive dating back to 2011 says that direct communications between foreign intelligence targets and members of Congress should be destroyed when they are intercepted, and only the NSA director can decide otherwise regarding “significant foreign intelligence.”

The NSA is allowed to tap communications between US lawmakers after, as an example, an ambassador tells his government back home about a meeting with said lawmakers. So this is how the NSA, working for the Democrat in the White House, could spy on the conversations of the Congressional leadership, that happened to be Republican.



  1. No real surprise here…. The Obama Administration has been the most hostile administration to the State of Israel since the
    mid 1950's. Remember John Foster Dulles as our Sec. of State? Sec. Kerry has surpassed him as being Anti-Israel. As to President Obama. His attitude towards the only Jewish State is well known. Any person who will vote for a Democrat
    truly does not care for Israel. In less then 13 months the Obama Administration and President Obama will be relegated to the trash bin of history. Never Again!

  2. Nixon resigned because he was indirectly involved on spying on DemoncRATs. Of course, Congressional Repubicans told him he had to go, which you won't see from the Evil Debbie Schultz or the demented evil upchuck Schumer or the Iran supporting Obeyme fawner, Nadler, or any of the Libtarded DemoncRATs.
    Pollard had to spend an extra 25 years in prison as a political prisoner because US Presidents couldn't "get used to it." He was never charged with treason because he passed intel not harmful to America that Reagan, or, whomever it was in the intelligence services illegally kept from Israel.
    Obeyme not only spied on Congress, but, with the Iran deal, committed treason, seriously endangering the US.
    Get used to having DemoncRATs that are half Black getting to do anything that they want, while Republicans, given more seats in the House & Senate since the Civil War, won't even do what the people elected them to do, some of which is supported by 65% of the people.

  3. Spying on your own elected officials is illegal by any standard. These people should be fired then tried for I believe, sedation! This is treason my any measure! Spying on other governments has always been the case. And they called Nixon paranoid!

  4. he is treasonous seditious and anything else unlawful and low and vulgar. although he'd crap his pants at his muslim dog friends being made aware of the tapping of their conversations. he made sure to go dark on them because that way they could carry out their plans on destroying america which he hates almost as much as he hates Israel. almost as much. but then he's a rabidly anti semitic muslim dog so how else would he be feeling.

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