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Israeli police arrested and removed Yehuda Etzion from the Temple Mount, claiming he was moving his hands in prayer while walking on the Jewish holy site, according to a Honenu lawyer.

Etzion did not resist arrest, but he didn’t make it easy for the police to carry him away either. Arabs cursed “Allahu Achbar” as he was carried away.


Etzion has a long history with the Temple Mount. In 1984, he was arrested for being part of an underground that plotted to blow up the Golden Dome.

It was only a week ago that his 30 year restriction on going up to the Temple Mount was removed.

As the old joke goes, if a Jew is moving his hands, he is obviously talking.


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  1. Really… who writes this stuff? Perhaps someone should check it before it's published.

    Take, for example, "Arabs cursed “Allahu Achbar” as he was carried away.". First of all, they didn't curse. "Alla hu Akbar" means Allah is great. Second, "achbar" is a mouse. Now, that would all be fine and dandy if the Arabs were, indeed, cursing by calling Allah a mouse.

  2. Islam, the religion of peace and tolerance. Jews are not even allowed to pray at the Temple Mount in the land of Israel. Just imagine what it would be like if Muslims were in charge in the whole of Israel. This kind of debunks the narrative of some Palestinian Arab factions who claim that they want a bi-national state where Israelis and Arabs live side by side in peace and harmony.

  3. Why were they saying God is great in light of the man being arrested? It is firstly because Allahu Akbar means "Allah is greatER or greatEST" not just great and secondly to further rub it in for the Jew who was being arrested. It was with offensive intent that they said what they did, which qualifies as cursing.

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