Photo Credit: Courtesy IAI
The IAI Ehud in action

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will provide the EHUD®, ACMI system to the Israeli Air Force to be used by the corps’ training between combat aircraft and the Lavi training airplanes.

The IAF has ordered the air combat maneuvering instrumentation (ACMI) systems from IAI’s MALAM division. MALAM is IAI’s system house and the developer and manufacturer of the esteemed, long-standing EHUD training system. To date, more than 1,000 air combat maneuvering instrumentation systems have been shipped, as well as hundreds of debriefing systems.


EHUD is also the standard ACMI of NATO nations.

The EHUD® will be mounted on the corps’ various combat aircraft as part of the training schedule until installation of fixed systems. In this way, the 4th generation combat aircraft will be able to undertake combat scenarios with the Lavi, which are already equipped with the EHUD communication system.

The use of the EHUD opens the door for shared live drills and debriefing with the Lavi airplanes based on the EHUD network, as is already being carried out by Italy and other countries. This is made possible thanks to IAI’s capacity to perform Live, Virtual, Constructive drills (LVC) with the newest and most advanced generation of EHUD.

In addition to this application, IAI is providing on-demand training services, assigning training experts to run and oversee the debriefing systems in a range of the air force activities.

Jacob Galifat, General Manager of the IAI/MALAM Division, Missiles & Space Group, said in a statement: “MALAM provides training services to the Air Force and supports multinational drills to allow our clients to experience the best, most modern training methods and make the most of every training sortie efficiently and accurately. Our technologies leverage the new, state-of-the-art capabilities of EHUD and allow us to provide network support for LVC formats. This is natural evolution of the long-standing EHUD system, which is deployed extensively across the globe.”


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