Photo Credit: courtesy, Regavim
Chutzpa: EU flag flying above an illegal building erected for Arabs in Israeli controlled Area C.

The EU delegation to Israel is claiming diplomatic immunity regarding an attempt of the Israeli NGO Regavim to sue them in Israeli court for funding rampant illegal construction in Area C, the portion of the land under Israeli jurisdiction according to the Oslo accords, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

Regavimg launched legal action after using a drone to collect photographs showing EU flags flying above buildings on Area C land. Since the EU is a signatory to the Oslo Accords, this constitutes a flagrant violation of the contract.


But the EU bureaucrats claim diplomatic immunity, meaning they can do whatever they want on Israeli land, with impunity.

See partial image of the EU delegation letter:

Click to read the full letter.

The 1,000 or so documented buildings are awarded to Arabs, as a means of shaving off Israeli owned territory and adding more land to the Arab areas. When Israeli courts issue orders to raze these illegal structures, the EU delegation returns the next day to rebuild them, at European taxpayers’ expense.

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg told the Mail: “It is deeply concerning that the EU falls back on diplomatic immunity after breaking planning regulations. The UK Government would take a very dim view of a friendly state doing that to us. Diplomatic immunity is there to protect envoys from unjust treatment, not to protect the high-handed behaviour of arrogant bureaucracies.”

The MP added: “The EU maintains that it is based on fundamental principles of rule of law and support for democracy. But when this clashes with its bureaucratic bungling, neither rule of law nor democracy seem important.”

An EU spokeswoman told the Mail that international humanitarian legislation (she didn’t specify), together with her belief that Area C will eventually end up in Arab hands, allows the EU to proceed with the illegal construction. But when she was asked whether said construction was consistent with the Oslo agreement she would not say.

Regavim argues that the EU is not entitled to diplomatic immunity in this case, citing Article 41 of the Vienna Convention which states that immunity for diplomats is conditioned on their not interfering in the internal affairs of their host State.


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  1. EU can do what ever they want as Bibi is scared of them he has no guts to make a stop of it
    Israel should go and build on EU land and fly Israely flag on them lets see how many hours this will go on
    we claim imunity to reposses Jewish building confiscated by EU
    Israeli government is weak and has power only on (some Jwes)

  2. Ok here's what you do. First bulldoze all the buildings to the ground. Second send notice to the EU that all government personnel from the EU are forbidden from setting foot in Israel or funding any type of construction. Third is, if any of this notice is violated your punishment will be to recieve ALL Palestinians from Gaza, Judea and Samaria delivered to your front door and you can then decide which part of your countries you want want to give them in YOUR 2 state solution. As seeing all of the refugees you are receiving you seem to be pretty good at it.

  3. Randy obviously you are certifiably insane and what a sick little man you are that you have to come to a Jewish pro Israel website and in caps as if you're shouting at us. So as seeing that you are mentally incapable of discovering the type of websites you need to be on. May I suggest the Westboro Baptist Church site for you. There you will be more comfortable being surrounded by mental midgets whose incoherent babbling and intense hatred will be more to your liking. Good Day.

  4. Richard it has already started. HaShem is sending all those Muslim refugees into Europe and pretty soon there will be enough of them to rise up and demand their Sharia law. When all hell breaks loose it's going to be a pay per view to watch.

  5. Not only in Area C, but this illegal construction has also been going on in the Negev for years. It appears that all it takes for the gutless Israeli government to back off enforcing its sovereignty is for the Palestinian Authority (PA) to erect an EU logo at any construction site.

    A biased/apathetic Judiciary has allowed Negev Bedouin to register vacant land in the Land Registry as privately held. To this end the Bedouin have been aided and abetted by Liberal Jewish individuals and organisations, with vast illegal structures now dotting the Negev landscape.

    It appears to me as outrageous that Regavim has to take the Israeli Government to court to enforce its own laws in order to keep Jewish lands in Jewish hands.

    No self respecting country on this planet would allow such a flagrant takeover of its sovereignty to take place. The Israel of today under Netanyahu is a country where Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria has been effectively brought to a halt but illegal “Palestinian” construction goes on even in Jerusalem with the latest loss of sovereignty I hear is a highway being built by the PA from Gush Etzion to the Dead Sea, all financed by the EU.

    It is an utter disgrace and reflects a country with no concept of the meaning of sovereignty. Obviously democracy Israeli style doesn’t work. The nation is turning into a political basket case of a country unwilling to change direction.

  6. Israel should either demolish all of the buildings that the EU has spent money to build, or they should all be taken over and be given to Jewish citizens to live in and to settle these areas. Also, all of the equipment and machinery that the EU is using to build the illegal structures should all be confiscated and they should not be allowed to import any construction materials. These EU organizations should be banned from Israel. They are only in Israel for one reason, and that is to help the Arabs steal Jewish land and to incite anti-Semitism and to promote terrorism against Israeli Jews.

  7. As an American – I don't understand how the EU can build so many buildings in Israel without bieng detected while they are building it ! How could this happen ? Then you say, "they rebuild them when Israel tears them down". I don't get it — who rebuilds them -/ why can't Israel stop them from building ?

  8. The land belongs to Israel, you can sue anybody for anything these days, including the EU who are basially bankrup and using public money to engender their hairbrained schemes.
    Israel have lawyers, dont they??? EU interprets laws to its benefit all the time. However, one can go down that route, but, as time is of the essence a rapid removal team should be put into place, placing of small land destabling devices and bulldozers are definitely the answer. Israel will be painted black whtever is done, so why not remove whilst the iron is hot. The EU is a proven international disaster.

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