Photo Credit: Oren Ziv/Flash90
US airdrops supplies into the Hamas stronghold in Gaza. March 7, 2024

The United States has killed at least two innocent Gazans with the airdropped humanitarian aid shipments that President Joe Biden ordered dropped into enemy territory, according to a report on Galei Tzahal. Torat_IDF reports that five Gazans were killed by the deadly US airdrops, condemned the US for their deaths, and called on the US to stop sending supplies to Hamas.


Besides the killed Gazans, multiple people were also wounded by the impact from the US aid. Videos from within Gaza show children chasing after the shipments as they land. At least two of those killed by the US are reported to be children.

Israeli citizens have been protesting the delivery of humanitarian aid into the Hamas terror stronghold, as the shipments delay Hamas’s surrender and allows them to continue to hold Israeli citizens hostage.

On Thursday, Biden announced he will also set up a seaport to get even more humanitarian aid into Gaza for the Gazan civilians, which Hamas then takes for themselves.

Unfortunately, the one step that would actually get civilians out of danger – facilitating and allowing their exit from the Gaza war zone, is not on the table. The US, Egypt and the world are holding the Gazans hostage to create a “Palestinian” state and perpetuate the conflict.

Update: The US released a brief statement in response to the deaths, denying responsibility :

We are aware of reports of civilians killed as a result of humanitarian airdrops. We express sympathies to the families of those who were killed. Contrary to some reports, this was not the result of U.S. airdrops.


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