Photo Credit: Tomer Neuberg / Flash 90
View of the security fence in Shlomit, near the Israeli Gaza border, August 10, 2014.

For the fourth time in a week, Arab suspects from Gaza have crossed the perimeter fence into Israeli territory Thursday. The two suspects were arrested by an IDF force near Kerem Shalom.

The two were caught near the security fence at the crossing point. In their body search the IDF force found barbed wire cutters and a knife. The suspects were detained and transferred for questioning. At this point, the security forces don’t suspect that they intended to carry out an attack inside Israeli territory.


The testimonies of the three Arabs who entered Israel on Wednesday indicate that they did not come to carry out an attack, but approached an IDF base some 12 miles inside Israel in order to get arrested or find work. This was not the first time that Gaza residents have preferred Israeli prisons to the harsh reality at home.

The three Arabs who crossed the border Wednesday are members of one family from Rafah. The three carried grenades, knives and tools, and marched 12 miles—passing a number of Israeli communities without attempting to harm anyone—until they reached the gate of the IDF training base in Tze’elim, where they were arrested.

Often when Gazans cross the border, they are simply sent back. Some Israeli security sources believe the three took the weapons with them to try and make sure they were arrested and not returned to Gaza.

The infiltrations this week are carried out against the background of the coming Friday’s “Land Day” and “Day of Rage” for which Hamas is supposedly planning a “million man march” on the border fence with Israel. The expectations are that the march would involve only a few thousands, many of whom will be women and children.