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Gaza residents are without power because Israel won't provide fuel as long as they try to burn down its fields and kill its civilians.

Gaza’s sole power plant shut down Tuesday when the fuel it needs to operate ran out.

Israel, which closed down the Kerem Shalom crossing last Wednesday following the rocket and incendiary balloon attacks from the Gaza Strip on nearby Israeli civilian settlements, decided to prevent the passage of fuel trucks into Gaza as long as those attacks persists.


WAFA quoted sources in Gaza who said the power plant was completely shut down Tuesday when the fuel ran out. The Gaza Energy Authority estimates that the power deficit will increase to 75% without a functioning power station, which will plunge the supply of electricity to Gazans to three to four hours a day.

Now, remember, all they have to do to get their electricity back is stop trying to burn down Israeli fields and kill Israeli civilians. It’s hard, but they’ve done it before. All they need to do is try…

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said Tuesday evening that “our Palestinian nation, its forces and factions, especially Hamas, will not accept the continuation of the siege on Gaza as a fait accompli. “We will all work to wage our battle with the enemy with all strength and with all means and tools to break the siege and end it,” he vowed.

The Hamas spokesman stated that the continuation of the siege on the Gaza Strip, the exacerbation of the electricity crisis, and the paralysis and disruption of daily civilian life was a crime against humanity that cannot be allowed to continue with silence as a response. He insisted Israel bears full responsibility for its results and repercussions.

Just stop trying to burn down fields and kill people – and you’ll get your electricity back, just in time for the fall television season…


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