Photo Credit: Doron Horowitz / Flash 90
View of Beit Lahiya in the Gaza Strip from the security fence bordering with the southern Israeli town of Netiv Ha'Asara' on November 5, 2016.

A Hamas terrorist from Gaza managed to successfully breach the security fence and infiltrate into Israel on Friday afternoon, despite the efforts of the Israel Defense Force to defend the border.

The terrorist was able to reach the Jewish community of Netiv Ha’Asara, located not far from the Gaza border, and successfully infiltrated into that community as well.


He set a greenhouse on fire in the community, and also destroyed agricultural equipment in the process, before he was caught by Israeli security forces.

The community’s security coordinator alerted the IDF after he noticed the blaze; Israeli soldiers captured the terrorist and transferred him to Shin Bet intelligence agents for interrogation.

Subsequent investigation into the incident revealed the terrorist had cut the fence in order to infiltrate into Israeli territory.