Four hikers were rescued Friday afternoon after they suddenly found themselves fighting for survival when a flash flood appeared out of nowhere in Wadi Og.

An IAF helicopter of the Rolling Sword Squadron with the soldiers of the elite 669 Search and Rescue unit arrived to rescue them – just in the nick of time.


The story began when Israel Police received a report on a group of hikers who were stranded in Nahal Arod (south of the Ramon Crater) due to flooding. Police and volunteers from the Israeli Police Negev Mountain Rescue Unit, assisted by an IDF helicopter, located the group on the ground and are now working to rescue them.

However, an investigation by the group of field vehicle passengers revealed that apparently another group of travelers was in the area.

IDF helicopters and police equipped with night vision equipment set out to find the second group as well.

“We again urge the public not to approach these areas and to instead inform police if you see a need for intervention. In case of necessity, please call the Israel Police “100” hotline,” said the police spokesperson.