Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
IDF transfers dozens of incubators from an Israeli hospital to Gaza's Shifa Hospital, Nov 13 2023

The IDF confirmed Wednesday morning (Nov. 15) that incubators, baby food and medical supplies were all delivered to Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital, where Israeli military forces have begun their painstaking, careful search for Hamas terrorists.


“Our precise and targeted operation against Hamas in the Shifa Hospital is still underway,” IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said in a statement. “We can confirm that incubators, baby food and medical supplies brought by IDF tanks from Israel have successfully reached the Shifa hospital. Our medical teams and Arabic speaking soldiers are on the ground to ensure that these supplies reach those in need.”

The IDF medical teams and Arabic speakers involved in the operation had specified training to prepare for the hospital’s “complex and sensitive environment” so that no harm was caused to the civilians being used by Hamas as human shields, Hagari said.

IDF ground troops are continuing their “precise and targeted operation against Hamas in a specified area in the Shifa Hospital,” the IDF said, adding that intelligence information has indicated Hamas terrorist activity is being directed from the area.

IDF Enters Shifa Hospital Complex after Removing Patients and Staff

Prior to their entry into the hospital, IDF troops encountered explosive devices and terrorist cells; Hamas terrorists were eliminated in the shootout with Israeli forces that ensued.

“In recent weeks, the IDF has publicly warned time and again that Hamas’ continued military use of the Shifa hospital jeopardizes its protected status under international law, and enabled ample time to stop this unlawful abuse of the hospital,” the IDF emphasized.

On Tuesday, the IDF again warned the relevant authorities in Gaza that all military activities within the hospital must cease within 12 hours — but of course, Hamas ignored the warning.

“The IDF has facilitated wide-scale evacuations of the hospital and maintained regular dialogue with hospital authorities. We call upon all Hamas terrorists present in the hospital to surrender,” the IDF said in the hours prior to its entry into the hospital.

One day earlier, IDF ground troops located a Hamas training camp containing terror tunnel shafts, classrooms, intelligence material, and dozens of different types of weapons, including rockets and loaded RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) launchers.

In addition, an IDF UAV spotted a terrorist cell leaving a building with an anti-tank missile launching post in northern Gaza. The terrorists were carrying suspected IEDs, which they planted in the area. The UAV monitored the terrorists, and then struck two of them.

“The IDF is conducting a ground operation in Gaza to defeat Hamas and rescue our hostages,” the IDF reiterated. “Israel is at war with Hamas, not with the civilians in Gaza.”

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