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Israeli security forces clash with Arab protesters at the Gaza Strip, March 30, 2019.

A year of “return marches” to the Gaza Strip fence that concluded on Friday, have led to the Land Day events at the fence, in which some 40,000 rioters gathered in several locations along the fence. IDF forces used riot dispersal and firing methods in accordance with the rules of engagement.

“One of the reasons for the successful conclusion of Land Day events was the right deployment in terms of the number of forces, the extent of the event, the use of force and the deterrence,” said IDF Spokesman Ronen Manelis.


The Spokesperson’s Office said that Saturday was one of the quietest and most controlled Hamas run events since the riots began about a year ago. Manelis gave Hamas the credit for this, suggesting the organization had controlled the situation in a way that had not been seen in the past year.

The IDF tweeted the following video which recorded half hearted efforts on the part of local Gazans to break across the line of Hamas security personnel, who looked like ushers at a soccer stadium, maintaining the pre-agreed 300 yard zone separating the crowd from the fence.

According to Ma’an, two people were killed and dozens injured by Israeli gunfire along the eastern border of the Gaza Strip. The victims were Tamer Hashim Abu al-Khair, 17, who was killed by Israeli bullets in the chest east of Khan Yunis, and Adham Nidal Amara, 17, was also killed Saturday morning before the start of the demonstrations.

Gaza’s health ministry said that the total number of injuries reached 207, including 33 children and 9 women. 24 of the injured were hit with live bullets.

The IDF released a video showing IDF soldiers arresting two Arab children carrying a knife near the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip on Saturday. The children reported that they had arrived with a knife in order to infiltrate Israeli territory, with the purpose of being arrested. They were detained, interrogated, and returned via the Erez crossing into the Gaza Strip.

The National Authority for Return and Breaking the Siege has confirmed the continuation of the return marches next Friday, under the title of “Friday victory of dignity.” It also complained bitterly about the fact that no one in the Arab world gave a hoot about their struggle.


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