Photo Credit: Majdi Fatchi/TPS
A terror target blown up next to a mosque in Dir al Balach. Dec. 8, 2023.

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) reported on its continued assaults on terrorist bases in Gaza over the past day. This included a raid carried out over the past day on a mosque in Gaza where forces found a terrorist base and supplies belonging to Hamas. The raid was conducted by the 12th Battalion of the IDF’s Golani infantry brigade.

Forces of the 12th Battalion’s also eliminated a terrorist squad.


During the operation, an explosive device was detonated near the forces. Immediately after which, the brigade directed a number of rapid attacks in the area in which a combat helicopter eliminated a number of terrorists who ambushed the forces on the roof of the mosque, a number of terrorists who came out of a tunnel shaft and other terrorists who were in the area. Also, a fighter jet destroyed the mosque and the underground infrastructure system underneath it.

In addition, fighters from the Maglan special forces unit Friday night identified three terrorists who came out of a tunnel shaft in the center of Khan Yunis in southern Gaza and launched an RPG rocket at the forces. The fighters returned fire and eliminated the terrorists.

Later, the forces directed remotely manned aircraft (drones) that eliminated additional terrorists identified in the area and destroyed several tunnel shafts.

Soldiers of the Duvdevan special forces unit overnight located a Hamas military headquarters in which there were a number of terrorists who planned to ambush the forces. The fighters launched an attack on the structure and Israel Air Force fighter jets eliminated a terrorist squad near the force.

Also, over the past day, forces from the Givati infantry Brigade eliminated terrorists, worked to locate and expose wide tunnel shafts, destroyed terrorist infrastructures and located many stockpiles of weapons.

Saturday morning, in what was described as a brigade level operation, terrorist infrastructures, anti-tank launching positions and buildings used to hide Hamas terrorists were attacked using air force helicopters and fighter jets.


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