Photo Credit: Miriam Alster / Flash 90
Religious Jewish soldiers wearing tzitzit attend a swearing-in ceremony as they enter the Orthodox Jewish IDF "Nahal Haredi" unit, at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem on May 26, 2012.

Hamas terrorists are using every means possible to trick IDF soldiers into believing they are not who they really are. The most recent form of deception was discovered during combat in Gaza, when a terrorist who was shot and killed was discovered to be wearing IDF-issue tzitzit.


In the past, IDF soldiers have been able to distinguish Israelis from terrorists when they were wearing tzitzit, a religious Jewish shirt with tassels hanging from its four corners.

No longer.

Now the terrorists have begun to use IDF-issue tzitzit as camouflage.

This trickery is among the many other tactics used by Hamas to lure IDF soldiers into range of their deadly weapons, including the use of Hebrew. Many of the Hamas terrorists who participated in the October 7th massacre in Gaza Envelope communities were fluent in Hebrew after having posed as “friends” and worked for years with Jews in those communities.

Hamas Used ‘Crying Dolls’ in Attempt to Ambush IDF Soldiers in Gaza

Recently the terrorists attempted to ambush IDF soldiers by using dolls and children’s backpacks with speakers playing sounds of crying, placed intentionally near a tunnel shaft connecting to a large tunnel network.

Palestinian Authority terrorists in Judea and Samaria have also been seen in IDF uniforms, as well as tee shirts promoting the left-wing Israeli “Brothers in Arms” organization, and the religious Jewish “Bnei Akiva” movememnt.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.