Photo Credit: TPS / Nastiya Zastrovtzav
IDF hits Khan Younis as seen from Kibbutz NIrim. Nov. 12, 2018

A bus was hit by a rocket at approximately 4:30 PM on Monday. A young man, age 19, is seriously wounded, according to MDA. He was taken to Soroka Hospital for treatment. The IDF says the bus was hit by an anti-tank missile. 8:13 PM update: The IDF has identified the young man as an IDF soldier. Moments before the missile hit the bus, there were dozens of young people on the bus, who had just gotten off.

The rocket alert did not sound before the strike.


Following that, the rocket alerts have not stopped going off along for the Gaza border communities, Ashekelon and Be’er Sheva regions. As of 5:28 PM, the rockets are still falling.

5:03 PM– Rocket reportedly hits house in Netivot, with no injuries

As of 5:18 PM, more than 90 rockets have been launched at Israel (the IDF says 80 in just 20 minutes). Iron Dome has intercepted some of them.

($15 million buys a lot of fireworks).

5:15 PM– Rocket hits Sderot, three Israelis lightly wounded from shrapnel

5 more people have been wounded by the rockets. Three of the wounded have been taken to Barzilai hospital.

The IAF have begun airstrikes on Gaza.

5:28 PM The rocket alerts have expanded to the Dead Sea area and Hebron region.

5:30 PM – Rockets reportedly hit the towns of Miflasim and Eshkol, causing property damage.

5:59 PM United Hatzalah reports that they have treated 10 people with injuries related to the rocket attacks. One girl partially severed her finger by a door in a secure room when it was slammed shut.

5:59 PM Over 100 rockets fired at Israel.

18:05 – Be’er Sheva municipality orders that all public shelters be opened and prepared.

Ashdod residents told to stay near bomb shelters.

School has been cancelled for Tuesday in the following areas and cities: Gaza border region, Netivot, Ofakim, Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod.

6:18 PM – Rocket hits house in Ashkelon.

Home hit in Ashkelon. Nov. 12, 2018

6:40 PM – IDF says it attacked over 20 targets belonging to Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza.

6:50 PM – Egypt, along with United Nations special envoy to the Middle East Nikolay Mladenov, are attempting to achieve a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Lebanon’s Almayadeen TV station reported.

7:15 PM Iron Dome has intercepted 60 of the 200 rockets launched at Israel from Gaza, according to the IDF. Most of the rockets have landed in open areas.

9:24 PM According to Arab reports, Hamas’s Al Aqsa TV building has been completely destroyed by several Israeli missiles.

9:26 PM In a joint statement, the various Gazan factions said they would expand rocket fire to longer ranges.

9:33 PM Another barrage of missiles launched at Israel’s south.

9:35 PM A missile hit between two buildings in Ashkelon.

10:00 PM The IDF says over 300 missiles were launched at Israel.

10:49 PM Yet another missile barrage.

20 people arrived at Barzilai hospital from the last barrage. 13 are in shock, 7 have bodily injuries. Altogether, 44 people arrived today for treatment at Barzilai due to the rocket attacks.

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