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This living room in Kibbutz Be’eri was the scene of rape and murder on October 7, 2023.

According to an extensive, and appalling Washington Post Report (Hamas envisioned deeper attacks, aiming to provoke an Israeli war), clues about the Hamas plans for the October 7 Massacre show that they far exceeded what was “achieved” on the ground once some 3,000 highly trained murderers crossed the Israeli border.

These clues came from the bodies of slain murderers, and included maps, drawings, notes, and their weapons and gear, the WP reports. One dead fighter had a notebook with hand-scrawled Koranic verses and orders to “Kill as many people and take as many hostages as possible.”


Some of the most brutal October 7 attacks took place in Kibbutz Be’eri, where Hamas pogromists “cut open the belly of a pregnant woman and dragged her fetus onto the ground. In other towns, survivors told of parents being murdered in front of their children and children murdered in front of their parents. Other survivors described witnessing sexual assaults, including rape.”

“We know from interrogations that Hamas came in with detailed plans of their attack, including which commander should rape which soldiers in different places,” Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told The Washington Post.

This living room in Kibbutz Be’eri was the scene of rape and murder on October 7, 2023. / Edi Israel/Flash90

Intelligence experts from four Western and Middle Eastern countries sifted through the evidence and concluded that Hamas planned “to strike a blow of historic proportions.” Some of them carried enough food, ammunition, and equipment to last several days, to enable them to continue deeper into Israel and strike larger Israeli cities. One unit carried reconnaissance information and maps suggesting they planned to reach Judea and Samaria.

“If that had occurred, it would have been a huge propaganda win — a symbolic blow not only against Israel but also against the Palestinian Authority,” a former US security official told the WP.

According to the WP report, “Hamas meticulously planned and prepared for a massacre of Israeli civilians on a scale that was highly likely to provoke Israel’s government into sending troops into Gaza, analysts said. Indeed, Hamas leaders have publicly expressed a willingness to accept heavy losses — potentially including the deaths of many Gazan civilians living under Hamas rule.”

And, as both Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah admitted, the most crucial details of the plan were withheld from them, as well as from Hamas’s political leadership. Aware of the prevalence of Israeli agents everywhere in the Middle East, the attack’s top architect Yahyaa Sinwar was determined to keep it a secret until the last minute.


One crucial point the WP report makes is that Hamas’s goals are in line with those of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Boko Haram in Nigeria: an endless series of massacres of civilians around the world until Islam is victorious. It is a global jihad, which all the Muslim fundamentalist terrorist organizations in the world regard themselves as part of. The full name of the global jihad is the “World Islamic Front for Jihad against Jews and Crusaders.” It serves as an umbrella organization for coalitions of terrorist organizations and independent terrorist networks with common ideologies and shared operational ties.

A senior Israeli military official with access to sensitive intelligence, including interrogations of captured Hamas fighters and intercepted communications, told the WP: “They were very clear-eyed as to what would happen to Gaza on the day after. They wanted to buy their place in history — a place in the history of jihad — at the expense of the lives of many people in Gaza.”

Rita Katz, executive director of the SITE Intelligence Group, told the WP: “Hamas knew Israel would strike back hard. That was the point. To Hamas, Palestinian suffering is a critical component in bringing about the instability and global outrage it seeks to exploit.”

And it worked, Katz said. “It’s the first time I can remember that Hamas has become so prominent on a global scale. So many people have already forgotten Oct. 7 because Hamas immediately changed the discussion. It put the focus on Israel, not themselves. And that’s exactly what they wanted.”

As the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center explained on November 10: “The global jihad organizations base their activities on Islamist ideology, which regards the religion of Islam as a way of life, determining not only the individual’s way of life but also the character of the regime and society.
“The Islamic jihad organizations regard Western culture as the complete opposite of Islam. They consider the free world as the enemy of all Muslims. They despise the values of the West, especially democracy, secularism, equality, and human rights.

“The Islamist terrorist organizations advocate all-out war, jihad, against those perceived as their enemies (in various places, Islamist terrorist organizations fight against different enemies), and perpetrate mass killings and massacres, mostly against unarmed random victims.

“All the organizations in the global jihad strive to spread Islam and establish Islamic law in all the countries in the world through a jihad against the West and its allies (among them Israel and the pro-Western Arab states). Global jihad organizations advocate a total, uncompromising battle in which the ends justify any and all means. Some of the global jihad networks carry out independent terrorist attacks and others cooperate with each other at various levels.”

In that context, when President Emanuel Macron of France is preaching to Israel to kill fewer children in Gaza, he should start building bomb shelters for French children.


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