Photo Credit: Or Heller via Twitter
Tiran Fero, 18, from the Israeli Druze community of Daliat el Carmel.

Update to: Jenin Terrorists Snatch Israeli in Car Accident.

According to the uncle of the 18-year-old Israeli-Druze boy who was in a car accident on Tuesday night, armed gunman entered the hospital in Palestinian Authority occupied Jenin and surrounded the boy and his father, who was in the Jenin hospital. The boy was alive at the time.


The terrorists, apparently from Islamic Jihad, disconnected the boy from life support and took his body, in front of the boy’s father.

The boy was identified as Tiran Pero, 18, from the Israeli Druze community of Daliat el Carmel.

Reports indicate that the Palestinian Authority was able to retrieve the body from the terrorists and put it in an ambulance to return him to the IDF. The ambulance was then hijacked by other terrorists who stole the body again.


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