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Three Arabs ‘whose martyrdom was pronounced’ in clashes with the IDF, November 29, 2022.

IDF forces overnight Tuesday rescued two military jeeps that were stuck due to a malfunction in Beit Ummar, north of Hebron. Local Arabs threw stones and improvised explosive devices at the forces, who responded with measures to disperse demonstrations and fired at key suspects. The IDF spokesman said at the end of the incident that “the jeeps were successfully rescued by IDF forces that entered the village. There were no injuries to our forces and minor damage was caused to the vehicles. The incident is being investigated.”

WAFA reported Tuesday morning that the IDF “shot and killed three Palestinians in the occupied West Bank this morning, one in Beit Ummar in the south of the West Bank, and two others, siblings, near Ramallah, according to the Ministry of Health.


“Mufeed Mohammad Khalil, 44, was shot in the head and killed during clashes between soldiers and stone-throwing Palestinians in Beit Ummar. Nine others were shot by live bullets, one hit in the chest and the others in the upper and lower limbs and reported to be in stable condition.

“In the village of Kufr Ein, near Ramallah, soldiers opened fire at the two siblings, Jawad and Thafer Abdul Rahman Rimawi, 22 and 21, and killed them. Jawad was shot in the pelvis and his bother Thafer in the chest, said the Ministry of Health.”

Kayed Al-Rimawi, head of the western municipality of Bani Zaid, told “The occupation forces stormed an area linking several villages and towns, and confrontations broke out on the outskirts of the village of Kufr Ein, between the young men and those forces, which led to the injury of the two Al-Rimawi brothers, and they were taken to a hospital, where their martyrdom was pronounced.”

Hamas declared Tuesday a day of a comprehensive strike “in honor of the souls of the martyrs in Beit Rima and the martyrs of the Palestinian people everywhere,” and called for “an escalation of resistance in the face of the occupation, and a demand for international protection from its crimes.”

Or, in other words, Tuesday.


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