Photo Credit: Courtesy Israel Police
Israeli policeman searching eastern Jerusalem suspect's home

Thirty-two residents of East Jerusalem who carry Israeli blue identity cards were arrested overnight Monday in a police operation, on suspicion that they had enlisted and served in the Palestinian Authority security forces.


Some of the suspects served illegally in the PA security apparatus, while receiving allowances from the State of Israel.

Searches of their homes yielded weapons, tens of thousands of shekels, PA uniforms and documents.

Israeli policeman searching eastern Jerusalem suspect’s home / Courtesy Israel Police

The wave of arrests took place following a covert investigation conducted by the Jerusalem police.

The police said that they would continue to take harsh measures against Israeli residents and citizens who enlist in the Palestinian Authority.

Captured ammunition / Courtesy Israel Police

Police stated that “the activity attributed to the suspects who live among residents of eastern Jerusalem directly harm those Israeli Arabs and their personal security.”

All the suspects were transferred for further investigation in the Central Unit of the Jerusalem district police, and will be brought before a court for a remand later on Monday.