Photo Credit: Kan 11 via Twitter
A vehicle’s windshield cracked by a boulder thrown by Israeli Arabs in northern Israel, August 7, 2022.

Arabs threw boulders overnight Sunday at two buses and a private vehicle on Route 77 near Hoshaya, a national-religious community in northern Israel, south-east of Shefa-‘Amr, between Hamovil Interchange and the Golani Interchange. The terrorists ambushed the vehicles in the trees alongside the road, hit them, and fled.

The motorist told News 0404: “I came back from the north to the center, Arabs were standing among the trees in the dark throwing floor tiles at all the cars, I got away miraculously.”


There were no casualties, but damage was done to the vehicles. Six police cars arrived and searched the area, but no suspects were arrested.

Meanwhile, Jewish worshipers who came to the heritage tomb of the prophet Micah in Kabul, an Arab town in western Galilee, on the occasion of 9 B’Av were attacked with clubs and stones. Clashes erupted with the local Arabs.


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