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"Drone attack" (illustrative)

EU Security Commissioner Julian King warned in a Saturday interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag about the potential use of drones to carry out terrorist attacks on European cities and citizens. He noted that a French security agency had run through scenarios of drone attacks on stadiums.

The French Anti-Terrorism Unit (UCLAT) has issued a secret report preparing for the Final Report of the Special Committee on Terrorism in December 2018, and, among other things, warned of the danger of a possible terrorist attack on a football stadium by means of an unmanned drone. Such a drone could be equipped with biological warfare agents.


“Drones are becoming more and more powerful and smarter, which makes them more and more attractive for legitimate use, but also for hostile acts,” Commissioner King told Welt am Sonntag. As the technology advances, King said, it was vital for authorities to “monitor the threat both as it appears today and how it will look in the future.”

King announced that the EU supports “member states in building networks for sharing information, increasing engagement at the international level, and providing funding for projects that address the threat of drones.”


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