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Candidates from Germany, Italy, Russia, and the United States are currently competing in an unusual beauty contest: who will be Miss Hitler 2018. But an Israeli net watch group on Thursday evening succeeded in getting the social network that hosted the pageant to remove its page.

A Scottish woman has been crowned “Miss Hitler 2016.” According to The Independent, when asked which one person she would kill if she could get away with it, Miss Hitler named German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom she’d like to place “in one of her camps and let her pet refugees do the rest.”

Miss Hitler 2017 / Screenshot

This scandalous competition was based in the Russian social network VK, the largest social network in Europe, a Russian Facebook with about half a billion users.

The Israeli company Vocativ, owned by Israeli-born billionaire Mati Kochavi, discovered the outrageous pageant’s 2018 page, using its proprietary, unique technology, which allows analyzing online content in 15 different languages. On Thursday evening, Vocativ contacted VK, which replaced the pageant’s page with a line saying, “This community has been blocked due to calls to violence.”

Mati Kochavi describes Vocativ as a web intelligence package that “harvests web pages, social networking sites, video-sharing sites, microblogs, forums, blogs, and RSS feeds” into searchable results.

The Miss Hitler organizers list the qualities they seek in candidates for the title as: supporting Nazi values, and maintaining an Aryan appearance. The contestants also have to answer an essay question: describe in a few lines why they support the Third Reich.

The votes are cast by Internet surfers – and hundreds have already voted. The contestants give their full names, and boast of their affiliations with White Power groups in Europe and the US.

The Mister Hitler 2018 page on VK is still up – that pageant having taken place last April. The winner was this guy:

Mister Hitler 2018 / VK page

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