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Russian Ambassador to Israel Anatoly Viktorov.

Russian Ambassador to Israel Anatoly Viktorov on Saturday told Rossiya-24 TV that Moscow shares the joy felt by the relatives of the hostages that were rescued from Gaza, one of whom, Andrey Kozlov, has dual Russian-Israeli citizenship.

Viktorov stressed that “not a further escalation, but only an early cessation of hostilities adequately responds to the solution of all urgent humanitarian problems, including the release of the remaining hostages in Gaza,” but was careful to omit the identity of the forces involved in the hostilities other than Israel.


“We share the joy felt by the relatives and friends of all these freed hostages, and especially, of course, Andrey Kozlov, who was among the four Israelis rescued today,” Viktorov said, noting that the Russian Embassy had been in touch with his relatives in Russia during the eight months that Kozlov, who made Aliyah alone, was held hostage. The Russian ambassador wished Kozlov a speedy recovery and a return to a full life.

“Russia has prioritized the release of hostages from the very beginning of the unprecedented escalation in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone,” Viktorov said. Three Russian citizens were released previously: Ron Krivoy, Irina Tatty, and Elena Trufanova. Alexander Trufanov and Alexander Lobanov remain in captivity.

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