Photo Credit: Screenshot
London Police arrest driver who crashed into Cyclists outside Parliament / Screenshot

Several major roads have been on lockdown while London Metropolitan Police investigates the case of a car that crashed into barriers outside the Houses of Parliament Tuesday morning. A few cyclists were injured. Police arrested a suspect near a parking lot at the entrance to the House of Lords. Smoke was rising from the car.

Police said they are treating the crash as a terrorist incident, and that a man in his 20s was “arrested on suspicion of terrorist offences.”


Eyewitnesses told Sky News that the driver of a Ford Fiesta was shifting from one side of the road to the other, then drove into a group of cyclists and hit the barricades.

Social media videos showed the handcuffed driver being led away by police in combat gear.

An eyewitness told Sky News: “Someone [was] driving towards parliament at speed, it wasn’t normal, it’s not a minor, like, accident, it’s not like a road traffic incident.”