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A Manchester dayan has urged educators to sacrifice their lives rather than teach about LGBT issues.

Dayan Gavriel Krausz’s announcement came after a chassidic girls’ school in London’s Stamford Hill complained that Ofsted had lied about its recent rating of the school.


An inspection of the Skver Beis Trana Girls’ School in July 2018 found that “pupils did not respect some of the protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010” – a reference to LGBT matters. But in a recently-published September 2019 report, Ofsted stated, “Governors have drawn up new policies for teaching the protected characteristics.” It added, “These make specific reference to all the protected characteristics.”

On seeing the report, the school wrote to parents and charedi institutions, “We were alarmed to hear the terrible report…that we, G-d forbid, said to government officials that subjects which are contrary to the religion of our holy Torah are being taught in our Jewish school.

“We told Ofsted that under no circumstances are we allowed to bring in any teaching against our holy Torah. We were alarmed to see that they wrote that we, G-d forbid, teach these subjects. We immediately sent them a written protest with the clarification that we will never teach these subjects. We were utterly shocked that they have not corrected this matter and have left the report in its original form.

“All our actions are according to daas Torah of the leaders in our city, of the rabbis of our community. We fervently hope that we shall be able to continue with our pure education with no interference.”

Rabbi Avrohom Pinter of Chinuch UK told The Jewish Press: “My opinion is that this is a classic example of Ofsted’s policy of divide and rule. They will pass one school and say to the others: ‘If Skver passes, why can’t you?’

“They don’t know the first thing about this community if they think that Skver teach their children about LGBT. It is total rubbish.”

Reacting to the situation, former Manchester Av Beth Din Dayan Gavriel Krausz wrote in the North Manchester Circular, “One is obliged to give up one’s life rather than comply.

“Even if by refusing to comply with this shameful law, the authorities will, G-d forbid, close down the schools and imprison those who do not abide by this law, one is not allowed to give in one iota.”

The dayan told The Jewish Press: “Somebody has to give clear guidance. Nobody has come out. There is a big danger.”


Jew to Challenge Corbyn in His District

Yosef David, a social worker for the Jewish special needs charity Norwood and director of the Sephardi youth organization Am Segula, will be challenging Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in his Islington North seat for the Brexit Party.


Non-Jews Urge Public to Vote Against Corbyn

A total of 23 leading non-Jewish personalities have urged voters not to support the Labour Party due to its record on anti-Semitism.

The signatories to the letter to The Guardian include Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales; actors Joanna Lumley and Simon Callow; writers David Cornwell (alias John Le Carre), Fay Weldon, and Frederick Forsyth; TV presenter Jon Snow; and former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission Trevor Phillips.


Board of Deputies Regrets Altercation

A Board of Deputies defense committee member has apologized for an angry scene at the Liberal Democrat headquarters of candidate Luciana Berger in London’s Golders Green.

Conservative supporter Jonathan Metliss was on his way to shul on a Friday afternoon when he saw a Lib Dem poster. He went into the office and was reported to have made rude remarks about Berger and ripped down the poster as he left.

He described his act of tearing down the poster as “an ill-judged and regrettable act on my part.”

He continued, “I have unreservedly apologized for any distress that I caused. Behind this though there is a legitimate concern shared by many members of the Jewish community that Ms Berger is campaigning for the Lib Dems in a constituency represented by Mr Freer, a Conservative, who is a longstanding supporter of the Jewish community and the State of Israel.

“The effect of Ms Berger campaigning for this seat may split the Jewish vote and in doing so, assist Labour in winning the seat and bolstering Jeremy Corbyn’s prospects of becoming Prime Minister, which is a frightening prospect for the UK Jewish community.”

The police and the Board of Deputies are investigating the incident.

Berger, who left the Labour Party after being the victim of many anti-Semitic attacks, is now the Liberal Democrats’ health spokeswoman. She is campaigning to make hate crimes, including anti-Semitism, into aggravated offences.


Conservative Candidates Accused of Making Anti-Jewish Comments

Two Conservative candidates are facing allegations of anti-Semitism.

Aberdeen North candidate Councillor Ryan Houghton has been suspended by the Scottish Conservatives after it was discovered that he had referenced the view of Holocaust denier David Irving that “part of the Holocaust had been fabricated or exaggerated.”

Leeds North East Conservative candidate Amjad Bashir, meanwhile, has apologized to the Conservative Friends of Israel after describing Jews returning from Israel as “brain-washed extremists.”

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