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British-Jewish actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Pro-Hamas anarchists are calling for a boycott of the acclaimed James Bond film series, because a Jewish actor has been offered the lead role as Agent 007.

British-Jewish actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 33, has been cast in the role for the next film in the James Bond series, most recently played by actor Daniel Craig.


After a report last week that Taylor-Johnson had received an official offer to replace Craig as Agent 007, antisemitic hate and calls for a boycott of the film series flashed around the internet on social media.

Haters cited the October 7 war launched against Israel by Gaza’s ruling Hamas terrorist organization and Israel’s military response to the existential threat posed by Hamas — whose terrorists tortured and then massacred 1,200 people during its October 7 invasion of Israel — as the reason for their boycott.

Pro-Hamas haters wrote under the hashtag #BoycottJamesBond and other similar hashtags, slamming Taylor-Johnson, whose credits include “Kick Ass” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

“Bad timing for casting, when Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. Shame on you. We hope your company collapses”, one post read. “Boycott Bond, Palestine will be liberated,” read another. Some posts, as in this one below posted on the X social media platform, were even worse.

The production company behind the film, Eon, was likewise targeted: “We will not buy a ticket to any of your films. We will boycott everything,” the haters wrote.

According to the British “Sun” Eon is preparing to shoot the 26th film in the series later this year, and the company is now waiting for Taylor-Johnson to sign the contract in the coming days.

In a separate report, the BBC claimed there was “no truth to the reports.”

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