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Israel Katz, Israel's Foreign Minister, at the Knesset in Jerusalem on Dec. 25, 2023.

Israel praised a demand by the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) this week that Iran “comply with its international obligations and cease advancing its dangerous nuclear program.”

The IAEA reported last month that as of May 11, 2024, Iran’s stockpile of 60 percent highly enriched uranium rose 20.6 kilograms to 142.1 kilograms since its report in February — its highest level to date.


According to the report, Iran’s overall stockpile of enriched uranium at the current moment stands at 6,201.3 kilograms (13,671.5 pounds), which represents an increase of 675.8 kilograms (1,489.8 pounds) since February.

“I welcome the important decision made today by the IAEA Board of Governors, demanding that Iran comply to its international obligations and cease advancing its dangerous nuclear program,” Foreign Minister Israel Katz wrote Wednesday in a statement on the X social media platform.

“This is the first resolution in 19 months on Iranian violations, paving the way for further actions against Iran’s nuclear activities.

“This resolution emphasizes the danger Iran poses to global security and stability and underscores the free world’s determination to halt Iran’s nuclear program. Israel will continue to expose Iran’s true nature to the world,” Katz wrote.

“We must not stop here. The free world must stop Iran now – before it’s too late.”

US Pressuring France, Britain Not to Censure Iran Over Increase in Near-Weapons Grade Uranium Production

US officials warned last month that Iran’s stockpile of highly enriched uranium could be converted to weapons-grade uranium — enriched to 90 percent purity — in a matter of days. They warn that Iran currently possesses enough highly enriched uranium to fuel three nuclear weapons, once converted.

Nevertheless, the Biden Administration urged France and Britain to vote against IAEA censure of the Islamic Republic in what was seen as a over the IAEA censure, urging the two allies to vote against the resolution at the agency’s board meeting.

Iran Confirms Indirect Talks with US in Oman

The move followed indirect talks between US and Iranian officials in Oman last month aimed at avoiding an escalation in regional attacks. Iran has long been a state sponsor of regional – and international – terrorism, much of which is dedicated to the annihilation of Israel and global Jewry.

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