Photo Credit: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90
Freedom Convoy activists protest as they take part in COVID Freedom Convoy, calling the government to cancel the Covid-19 emergency restrictions, in Hemed Junction, near Jerusalem, February 14, 2022.

The Knesset’s Health Committee moved on Tuesday to scale back the government’s ability to impose health restrictions related to Israel’s battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

The legislation, which requires two more Knesset votes, would end the government’s authorization to enact public closures, require individuals to isolate, set limits on public gatherings, or require people to furnish a green pass among other measures.


The legislation does leave open the possibility for the government to take other steps, such as demanding that airlines require passengers to present a negative test result before boarding a plane. It also leaves open the possibility for people to be tested upon entering Israel, and denying entry to individuals testing positive.

According to the Ministry of Health figures, 12,203 Israelis have died of COVID since the country’s first case was confirmed in February 2020. There are currently 5,277 active cases, of which 89 are considered serious.


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