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Sheba Medical Center

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was discharged from Sheba Medical Center on Monday morning, following a successful pacemaker implantation carried out on Saturday night. The medical procedure became necessary after the Prime Minister wore a subcutaneous cardiac monitor for a week, which detected a cardiac arrhythmia requiring prompt intervention.

Netanyahu’s release from the hospital came just in time for this evening’s crucial parliamentary vote on the Reasonability clause. The proposed legislation aims to address the problems created by former Supreme Court president Aharon Barak’s reasonability doctrine, which grants judges considerable discretionary power to interpret laws and even overturn them. Over the years, this doctrine has led to the rejection of about 20 Knesset laws, also creating a chilling effect on democratically elected legislators attempts to introduce new laws that reflect public demand.


In an effort to garner broader support for the law, the coalition is currently seeking a compromise with some members of the opposition who have previously supported similar legislation. However, concerns about facing criticism and attacks from anti-democracy protesters have created hesitancy among certain opposition members, who fear being labeled “Chamberlains” for engaging in negotiations by the protest leaders, which would then subject them to the same harassments as coalition members receive.

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