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Rony Nisimian and Meshi Rosenfeld, both 19, have won the World Ju-Jitsu Championship under age 21 in Spain. Nisimian won the gold medal for 62 Kg, Rosenfeld the gold for 70 Kg.

Ma’ayan Diamond, 20, won a bronze medal for 55 Kg.


The men’s team won three silver medals and three bronze. Amir Alroy won silver in 77 Kg, Itamar Atli silver 62 Kg, and Barak Meyuhas silver 94 Kg. Amit Deri, Sa’ar Shemesh and Yoav Shtraus each received a bronze medal.

According to the Israeli Ju-Jitsu association, “Modern Ju-Jitsu fits our current way of life, and gives answers to today’s needs. The nature of the modern Ju-Jitsu is short and decisive, and its aim is to reach a quick submission.”

We agree.


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