Photo Credit: MDA
MDA staff collecting Coronavirus test samples.

One hundred and twenty four children in a North Tel Aviv day care center, along with their parents and teachers, were sent into a two week quarantine on Tuesday, after a teacher’s aid, from one of the center’s four classes, was discovered to have been infected with the Coronavirus.

The day care center has been closed for the next two weeks from the last time the assistant was there (22nd of May), per Ministry of Health instructions.  The ministry is also requiring any parent that had entered the day care center to enter quarantine too. Normally that isn’t required, but the Ministry of Health decided in this case, the parents must be quarantined too.


Some of the parents are complaining, according to a YNet article, that is unfair to them that they need to go into quarantine too, either because they need to work, or because the teacher’s aid primarily worked in a different classroom.

Hundreds of students have been placed in quarantine over the past week after Coronavirus was discovered among individual staffers and students in various schools. This morning the a 7th grader in Jerusalem was discovered to have been infected.

Israel’s Ministry of Health relaxed the restrictions on various workplaces and public spaces on Tuesday evening, to allow more to go back to work and help restart the economy.


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