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Avi and Yosef Rosenthal talk about Amazon

A group of some 40 men and women, old and new Olim living in Israel completed a course on Thursday in a field that has provided
financial stability for numerous families in the religious community in the United States.

The diverse group of religious Jews, living in Jerusalem, Beitar, Efrat, and Beit Shemesh filled up a Jerusalem Gardens hotel conference room for a “Comprehensive Amazon Seminar” hosted by the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s Israel division.


The program was an A-Z two day bootcamp teaching how people living in Israel can establish and manage a successful Amazon business. The Chamber helped build the American Orthodox Jewish Amazon industry, which has been recognized even by secular media for its historic success. The Chamber is now introducing these historic opportunities to the Anglo-Israeli community, which faces its own unique challenges in earning a living.

American Amazon entrepreneurs Avi and Yosef Rosenthal of Rosy Deals LLC delivered a series of English language workshops. The series was offered by the Chamber at a steeply discounted rate as a community service.

The workshop introduced the participants to the core concepts and rules needed to sell on Amazon, as well as the key online tools that will potentially help them sell safely and more successfully.

Duvi Honig, Founder and CEO of the Chamber, was struck by the response he received after the seminar’s first day.

One participant mentioned that he learned more that day than he did from a private business mentor that he previously hired, which cost him thousands of dollars. You could see the energy and motivation in the room, as entrepreneurs were already actively working on starting Amazon businesses.

“Building bridges, opening doors, networking, connecting the business world,” Duvi told, “are the hallmarks of the Chamber. We are thankful to be able to make a positive impact on the Anglo-Israeli economy and look forward to continue empowering communities and economies around the world.”


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