Photo Credit: Kokhav Hashahar Facebook page
Kokhav Hashahar – Monday morning's attack took place near the hill in the background.

A Jewish shepherd was attacked on Monday by Bedouin who lay in ambush near the community of Kokhav HaShahar in Benjamin, between the Ma’aleh Shlomo neighborhood and Rimonim, Hakol Hayehudi reported.

The incident began in the morning hours when a shepherd whose flock had been stolen a few weeks ago and recaptured by his Jewish neighbors, was injured and evacuated for medical treatment.


“The Bedouin came in prepared to attack,” Jewish residents told Hakol Hayehudi. “They sent a shepherd to provoke and stick to him, and then other Bedouins began to rush in from every direction, some in vehicles from the hilltop and the rest from other sides.”

The Bedouin hurled stones at the shepherd, who called the village security commander and other residents for help.

A vehicle with residents of Kokhav HaShahar who came to the area to help the shepherd was also attacked with stones and the windows of the car were shattered. Only after more Jews had arrived did the stone throwing stop and the attackers fled.

The shepherd was injured by stones in his chest, hand and head, and was taken to the emergency room at Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus. An IDF force arrived at the scene and arrested two of the attackers, handcuffed them and handed them over to police officers from the Benjamin station who also arrived at the scene.


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