Photo Credit: Courtesy Health Ministry
President Rivlin, nurses, honor International Nurses Day

President Reuven on Wednesday hosted a group of nurses in honor of International Nurses Day, which this year focused on the theme of “Nurses – Always With You.”

Health Ministry Director General Moshe Bar Siman-Tov and Chair of the Israeli Nurses Association Ilana Cohen participated in the celebration.


“It’s not easy being a nurse, particularly in Israel,” said the president, adding, “It’s a challenging profession for each and every one of you with emotional and physical requirements that border on the impossible. Over the last few weeks, I have spent a lot of time at hospital by my wife Nechama’s side. All of us, the whole family, know that bell at the side of the bed very well. Every time it’s difficult or scary or painful, we do not hesitate to ring it. The moment you’re there at the door is one of huge relief. That is why people ring it so much.”

The president argued that “medical care, particularly the public system, must be at the top of our list of priorities. You need conditions that allow you to your jobs in the best possible way, that respect the work you do and without violence of any kind. Thank you for your contribution to society, to the Israeli people. There are no more worthy people than you to be here.”

Director General Bar Siman-Tov said: “The Ministry of Health will continue to work to increase the number of nurses and academic nurses in Israel, to increase your independence, your skills and the authority given to you. Nurses in Israel are partners in achieving the goals set by the ministry – health for all, equality, treatment from cradle to grave and making preparations for an aging population.”

Chair Ilana Cohen said: “There is no substitute for human capital. Israel’s nurses are the most important asset in ensuring the public health system is stable and strong. Protecting their status, their conditions of employment, their working conditions and professionalism is a national interest of the highest priority for the State of Israel and its citizens. Once a nurse, always a nurse.”