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A father brings his two children to a kindergarten in Tel Aviv, October 18, 2020.

According to Israel’s Health Ministry, the morbidity rate among Israeli children is 8%, compared to only 6% in adults. The report, which was delivered during Wednesday’s Corona Cabinet meeting, suggested that 51% to 70% of all diagnosed children are asymptomatic, which makes them the most powerful spreader of the disease in the general population.

The downward trend in coronavirus morbidity in Israel continues, according to Health Ministry data. There were 1,165 new patients diagnosed on Tuesday, and 41,193 test results obtained. As of Wednesday morning, the number of critical patients has come down to 591, out of whom 229 are on respirators. 2,278 have died in Israel since the outbreak of the pandemic.


The dialogue over how to deal with Israel’s children is the most frustrating example of autistic communication. The Health Ministry, aware of the silent ticking bombs who are also Israel’s lovely, beautiful children, insists that schoolchildren learn in small groups, in order to minimize the spread of the disease. So the Education Ministry responded with a plan that would alternate the children’s study week: one week in school, one week at home. So the finance folks commented that parents won’t be able to return to work if they have to take off every other week. So the Education Ministry suggested a different solution: children will alternate every three days. Because, in the words of the immortal Cary Grants, in Arsenic and Old Lace, “Insanity runs in my family… it practically gallops.”

Meanwhile, Professor Eran Segal of the Weizmann Institute told Kan 11 News that a continued sharp decline in the morbidity trend can be seen in Israel, and new infections already have a coefficient of 0.65, which, according to him, means that in only four or five days the morbidity in Israel will go down to one thousand diagnosed new patients per day, and in the following week down to 500.

So something is working, possibly it has to do with the fact that police officers have been documented across the social networks picking Israelis wearing chin masks and shoving them into patrol cars. Fierce enforcement works. Who would have thunk.

But do watch out for those cute little children, God bless them, because you really don’t know where they’ve been…


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