Photo Credit: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90
Drive through Coronavirus testing in Jerusalem. May 31, 2020

One hundred and fifty students and their teachers in a 7th grade class in Be’er Sheva were sent into precautionary quarantine on Sunday, after tests showed that the mother of one of the students was infected with Coronavirus.

The student told classmates that her mother was sick, and that message made its way to the school principal, who conferred with the Ministry of Health, and it was decided that the entire grade, and all the teachers and staff the girl came in contact with must go into quarantine.


In the Ramat Elchanan neighborhood of Bnei Brak, a teacher from two of the nursery/kindergartens was infected. 17 children and 9 staff members were sent to quarantine.

The Hartman High School in Jerusalem shut down for the week after one of their teachers became infected at the Gymnasia HaIvrit school in Jerusalem, where she also taught. There is no indication yet if the students need to enter quarantine.

An 11th grader at the High School for Arts in Jerusalem has tested positive for Coronavirus. A 5th grader in the Zalman Oren school in Jerusalem has tested positive, and an 8th grader at the Mesorati school in Jerusalem has tested positive.

Israelis are being tested at drive-through centers as well as at HMO testing stations.


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