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New recruits wearing facemasks in front of the IDF draft complex in Tel Hashomer, Nov. 29, 2020.

On Sunday begins the recruitment of combat unit soldiers for the December 2020 cycle, comprised of Israelis who were born in late 2002 and have just turned 18, the IDF reported.

Among the adjustments made in dealing with the coronavirus, the daily number of recruits is being decreased to prevent overcrowding up the conscription chain. Three intake sites have been added to the one in Tel Hashomer, in HaKfar HaYarok, Yehud, and Latrun. The recruits were instructed to arrive unaccompanied by families to prevent dense gatherings, as was the case with the recruits of the August and March cycles. Also, security and policing arrangements at the recruitment sites have been boosted.


Every recruit who arrives at a draft intake site will have his temperature taken and undergo an in-depth questioning regarding his health condition and conduct in the two weeks before his or her recruitment, at the end of which the recruit will sign a health statement. The recruits will travel in groups of no more than 28 in buses designated for the conscription chain.

The buses will travel directly to the absorption complex, where the number of intake stations has been reduced. The transition between the stations will be carried out in an orderly manner with tight segregation of each station. Ushers have been deployed along the recruitment chain, to assist recruits and ensure compliance with the guidelines.

The cooperation of the recruits and their families on and before the day of enlistment is crucial, according to the IDF. Recruits are asked to refrain from attending mass recruitment parties and entering areas where the risk of infection is considerable.

Here are data picks from December’s draft:

  • 62.95% of the recruits are men, and 37.05% are women
  • The average age is 18.11
  • The youngest recruit is 17 and 11 months old, and the oldest recruit is 28 and 9 months old
  • 364 new immigrants are recruited, of whom 221 are men and 143 are women.
  • 117 lone soldiers are enlisted
  • Countries from which most new and old olim came: Ukraine, the United States, Ethiopia, France, and Russia
  • Countries from which only one recruit arrived: Georgia, Germany, Turkey, Belgium, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Bulgaria, Singapore, Colombia, Nepal, Zimbabwe, China, and Poland
  • 9.35% of the recruits are from preparatory schools and service programs
  • The most common names for boys are: Daniel, Itai, Roi, Ido, Amit, Yuval, Uri, Guy, Tomer, and Ofek
  • The most common names among the girls are: Noa, Mai, Yuval, Adi, Roni, Amit, Shir, Maya, Shira, and Eden
  • The northernmost locality in the country from which conscripts are recruited is Metula
    The southernmost city in the country from which you enlist is Eilat

We salute all the new recruits and bless you that you won’t see any action, God Willing.


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