Photo Credit: Matan2119 / WIkipedia
Megiddo Junction. Corner of Roads 65 & 66. Archive: 2011.

On Monday morning a massive roadside bomb exploded near the Megiddo intersection in northern Israel. A car on the other side of the highway damaged from the explosion, and the Arab driver who was driving by was seriously wounded. Further details on the terror attack were placed under strict gag order.


A gag order has been placed on details of the current security situation and recent events.

Defense Minister Gallant, following consultations with the heads of Israel’s security services, has instructed them to continue with their efforts to maintain normal life for Israel’s citizens, according to a statement released by the Defense Minister’s office on Tuesday evening.

One thing for sure is that with the gag order in place, the rumor mill is working overtime, as are people’s imaginations.


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