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Israel Electric Company worker

In light of the security situation and the attacks on the home front in the north and south, Israel’s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure is working on a variety of levels to strengthen the resilience of the Israeli energy economy, increase its reliability and energy security. Also, the ministry is working to increase the diversification and decentralization of the electricity sector by accelerating the deployment of renewable energies in small facilities throughout the country, with an emphasis on the areas of demand.

In this context, the ministry has put a spotlight on the resilience and energy independence in buildings, in order to allow citizens to continue consuming electricity, even in cases where there will be power outages due to the security situation or malfunctions.


Today, with relative ease, any building, whether it is a private residence, a shared house, a public building or a business or agricultural building, can quickly establish a system for energy independence. These systems, based on solar panels and storage facilities, are a significant step towards increasing energy security, a stable and safe source of income and a contribution to a greener and healthier future. The vision of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure is that already in the coming years a large proportion of the buildings in Israel will have solar panels installed on their roofs.

Hezbollah is expected to attack and take down much of Israel’s energy infrastructure when the was escalates.

Earlier in the week, Israel reconnected the Israeli energy grid to the electric grid of the Gazan enemy.

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