Photo Credit: Yahya Amal Jabareen/TPS
Police Raid Umm el-Fahm el-Malsa’a Mosque on August 24, 2017

An indictment was filed against Amjad Muhammad Jabarin, 35, from Umm al-Fahm, according to the Shabak. He was arrested on July 23rd.

Jabarin is accused of aiding the three Israeli-Arab Islamic terrorists commit their terror attack on the Temple Mount on July 14th, in which two Druze policemen, Haiel Sitawe, 30, and Kamil Shanaan, 22, were murdered.


The indictment stated that Jabarin helped the terrorists find sites to practice shooting and he scouted out the Temple Mount’s security cameras.

During his interrogation Jabarin revealed the connection between the three terrorists (all named Muhammad Jabarin) and the outlawed Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement.

The attack was planned in the mosque in the el-Malsa’a neighborhood of Umm al-Fahm, and Jabarin also hid the weapons in the mosque.

Jabarin drove the terrorists part of the way to the Temple Mount on the day of the attack.

One of the three terrorists, Mohammed Hamed Abed Alatif Jabarin, served as the cleaner and muezzin,the person who performs the call to prayer, for that mosque.

Another one of the three terrorists, Mohamed Ahmed Mafdal Jabarin, is suspected of serving in the Murabitoun, a group of Muslims paid to sit outside al-Aqsa Mosque and harass Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount.

Police raided the el-Malsa’a mosque on Thursday morning as part of their investigation.